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1001 Nights through my camera lens

Imagine , just for one day you could live as in fairy tale 1001 Nights. YES, it is possible.!!!!!

I wake up in the morning and I found a message in my Instagram from maroccan designer ZIANA CLEOPATRA, that she ineeds a photographer for a shooting . I have not thought twice and I accept.

The first surprise was that I know ZIANA CLEOPATRA and her family since 12 years . Second sorprise the place of shooting....amazing village SITGES. Is a place where is impissible make bad photos.

In this case also helps that our model Dunia enjoyed and feel fron of camara as a professional.

If you wanna live just for one day as princess just ,contact me and I will prepare all you need ( make up, hair, luxury dream dress place )

You can see my all work of this photo session here .

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