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Day after Magic. Reasons for a Post- wedding session

Everyone knows about engagement or love story sessions, but post-wedding sessions? 

Nah, they aren’t that well-known. I’m here to tell you all about them & give you the knowledge to decide if having one is right for your wedding.

So what is a post-wedding session? Post-wedding sessions are just like an pre- wedding session but you’ve got your fancy wedding dress.

There are so many reasons why post-wedding sessions rock. Continue on for my top reasons for a post-wedding session!

photo session without location limitation
You want lots of wedding portraits but you’d rather spend your wedding day with friends & family

One of the best things about a wedding is seeing all the people you love in one spot. You get to hug, dance, drink, & cheers to your favorite people! It’s truly a unique time in your life & you will probably never see all those people together again.

That’s why I completely understand when some clients want to skimp on the portrait time so they have more time to spend with their family.

But if you value your wedding portraits, you should definitely make time for them. With a post-wedding session, you make time days, weeks, or even months after your wedding!

Is an opportunity to creatively photograph the the couple in your awesome wedding attire without any time constraints or location limitations.

“You are so much more relaxed and in your own element after the big day.

That day is special and wonderful in its own way but the last thing you’re thinking about is pictures. An after session really gives you a great amount of time to be yourselves and not worry or be focused on the details or anything else. Also… Who doesn’t want a second reason to put on that big white dress!!??

Post-wedding sessions are much more relaxed because you don’t have anywhere to be or a schedule to follow.

You can go to great locations you could never fit into your wedding day.

The opptions are endless. We have so much time & freedom to go anywhere for the session.

You don’t have to worry about getting your wedding outfits dirty

After the wedding... Who cares, right? The dress is already dirty from your day & if you plan on preserving it you’ll have to get it cleaned anyway. So let’s go make some beautiful portraits in a dirty field or city. Also you can change your outfit

Many clients opt for a more natural look for their post wedding sessions because they can! No worries about making sure your hair & makeup last 10+ hours.

My makeup artist and hair stylist SARAGUT_BEAUTY. will take care of you beauty on this

post-wedding photo session.

Post wedding day presents infinite options: you can bag the dress and clean the tux, take them out for another spin, or ditch them all together and put on that dress you’ve never found the perfect occasion for. The day after session presents the couple and their photographer with more time than on the day of the wedding, and the freedom to work without the concern of a little dirt on your beautiful gown. We love the idea of being able to take a little more time with our clients, free from schedule and weather constraints of the wedding day.

Weather, the ceremony was too late in the evening to accomplish natural light portraits,was rainy day or you are looking for more than what another photographer gave you

We jump at the chance to grab our gear and connect with clients to get even another opportunity to guarantee their happiness. Consider it weather insurance. We will stop at nothing to deliver incredible pictures that are more than you expect and everything you deserve. Take your time and get a little more edgy with your posing in order to master the editorial style of high fashion that takes on the personality of a glossy magazine photo, provoking emotion and encompassing what the first days of “man and wife” feel like. It’s a reason to wear your dress again and a chance to really push the boundaries of imagination to make pictures that will live on through generations and prove that marriage is not only a beautiful commitment, but it’s sexy too.

Are you ready for your rad post-wedding session now? Let’s plan it! Even if I didn’t take your wedding photos, I bet we can make some magic.

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