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Making wish come true

Not always I'm searching for model to shot, but also model are seaching for me as in this case.

Julia Sophia is german sweet girl that came to Barcelona for holidays , just for few days. She contact me trough my INSTAGRAM to ask if is possible do collaboration. I check her profile in Instagram and saw that she is good photo model and we will not have problem with "poses".

We met for the first time in my home studio , where Saragut_beauty maked up and prepared hair for sooting .

Julia Sophie suggest us that she will like to do shooting in a kind of botanic garden.

Without doubt I choose Cactus garden in Montjuic. Was my dream make some session here.


The weather was not good ( not sunny day) cloudy day but this was another challenge for me . The light was changing constantly and I had to change configuration of my camara CANON .

Finaly how you can see everything has finished well :)

All photo session you can find here.

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