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Mirror, Mirror - Snow White in the City

I’m very proud of Snow White in the City. Snow White herself is adorably illustrated . The urban setting brings new life to the story. Look through some of your favorite Snow White moments and remember the magic of her fairy tale.  Each photo has its own challenges and a way of creating it.

 Getting the light and angle right After scouting and finding the right location I started to work with the light. I tested to see how it works on location. I shot the location horizontally and vertically, made panoramas, etc. My goal was to get the details of the highlights and shadows with natural light of hotel lobby.

Challenges The biggest challenge was to aim in most perfect way possible. The aspect of reproducing the narrow space of lobby and location with the right angle was a struggle.

Model Casting There was no casting in this project, the model was Lucky (Caizhen Jin)  and Noelia Artiga Soler a friends. In this case we were looking for a model with a very specific look and as it is a personal project I could invite people and friends to participate. When working commercially, generally, you deal with model agencies and producers. READ MORE...

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