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Typographic portrait effect - more then a words

I decided to create a nice typographic effect using just Photoshop .


A picture is worth a thousand words. But what’s a picture of words worth? In the hands of some, far more still. Typographic Portraits combine the specifics of an image with the communicative power of words.

They can capture an idea, or express the essence of a person’s state of being, in a way that is hard to match in terms of interest and visual appeal.

I choose a model Hamza and his pic of the last session. Why him and not other model ?

When we made first photo session was a little bit difficult express with the portrait what he do. ( He is opera singer) . We made good pics but still not express what I wanted,

Searching for new effects to learn I found this excellent and not so easy Typographic effect.

There are 3 steps to create this portrait:

1. PREPARATION : find the photo you want to apply typographic effect, find text to apply and font for text.

2. CREATE A TYPE BASE : you can use photo in black and white or in colour

3. TYPE POSITIONING : this will take you most of time to create this portrait , about 30 min. Don't forget use different fonts and different sizes.

4.COLOUR BLEND: in my case I didn't use to much colours I preffered use shadows of blue colour

All process you can see in the video I found to create my own Typografic portrait

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