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We all love to receive credit for our work, but sometimes, it doesn’t always happen.

The credit of images is especially important for the sessions photographers choose to shoot for free to build up their portfolio – it’s an exchange of time for the hopes of leads so it can lead to paying jobs.  Sometimes we don’t get credit where credit is due, and here are my thoughts on that.

The industry recommends:  Only let clients upload your watermarked images + ask them to credit you

Problems: You have to watermark every image + they could crop it out (even if you ask them not to)

The next problem: They delete the caption with your credit + they photoshop your logo out or not tag you

My response: Advise them and realize they aren’t your ideal client + don’t shoot them again

Let’s talk about photographer credits, using the popular #hashtags and mentions.

Verbal recommendations > caption credits

When a client’s friend asks a comment asking, “Who shot these?” and the client says, “Oh Nadia Cisarova , she’s amazing! You should call her!” That is far more impressionable than reading a caption that says your name.

I put my marketing money and efforts toward better myself – continuing education, taking workshops, excelling in Photoshop, design, researching packaging, learning industry tips. I’m putting time into blogging, posting, sharing , retouching and that’s MY JOB

And how much time and frustration are you going to dedicate to researching or feeling hurt when your requests are being ignored?

“Don’t crop my watermark out, don’t change the orientation for your Facebook profile, don’t run a filter, make sure you tag me, but not if you run a filter on my image, so stop running filters on them “- rules.

Not working as you hoped? Let it go and consider not sponsoring again.

If you like my work just tag me , mention me under photo to recognize my hard work .

thank you

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